• Gabrielle Korte

Location Scouting For My Next Short Film

July 10, 2019 (Palomar Mountain, California )

I am currently in pre-production for my next short film and surprisingly, had some time over the weekend to scout some potential trails/spots for the shoot! Drove about an 1 hour North and hiked Palomar Mountain for a few hours. Absolutely stunning trails! The size of the pine trees and oaks in the area is simply mind blowing. Doesn't seem like southern California at all. You feel like you stepped back 100 years and are smack dab in the Colorado wilderness or something. Perfect for my film. Took the Weir Trail (3 miles round trip) and it has great potential but its too soon to say whether I want to lock it in or not. Here are some photos from the hike.

The trouble I face is obviously permitting, the treacherous terrain for our equipment, it's isolation, threat of wildlife, and it being a public trail. Going to go to a few more areas over the next few weeks. This will be my second short, so I feel more confident, but per my fashion... I am getting overly ambitious again. The difficulties of shooting with natural light, an uncontrolled location, and potential long hours is starting to become clear. Need to thoroughly plan for this shoot but excited about the challenge.

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